Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Harris turns 8

 (our annual birthday panCAKE breakfast)

Today, this boy of ours, who we love and adore beyond reason, turns 8.  He's such a blessing in our lives.  He keeps us on our toes, makes us laugh at his antics and melts our hearts with his hugs. Here's the annual list of 10 things we love...

1.  It used to be that we thought Harris was a bit shy.  Turns out that he's not! He seems to be coming into his own on this front.

2.  He loves dogs and dogs love him.  Apparently, every year when he blows out his birthday candles he wishes for a dog.

3.  He loves nothing more than to build a fire (camping or in the fireplace!).  A big, blazing fire makes his heart beat a little faster and he loves to fiddle with it once it gets going.  Bryce is always so good about letting Harris own the fire making title in our house.

4.  He wants to be with people all the time.  He will go through the whole house until he finds someone who is willing to play with him.

5.  His favorite playmate is still Grace.  However, he's so fortunate to have a really lovely group of boys who are his good friends.  Most of these boys have been together for years!

6.  He believes that his Dad is the greatest person on earth.  Right now he's at a stage where Dad can do no wrong (but he still wants me to tuck him in at night, so I'll take it!).

7.  For years his goal has been to get better at reading.  He's doing so well and it's been great to see him get more and more confident in his skills.

8.  He's a tough kid.  He doesn't complain or whine much about anything.  Usually if he gets hurt he picks himself up and moves on. Also, he handles his allergies and his exclusions from eating certain foods remarkably well.

9.  He can get Grace to do almost anything by pulling on his "cute, puppy dog face."  She just can't resist.

10.  For the past year, one of his favorite words has been "Pie."  Thus the dessert choice for this evening, Chocolate Chip Pie!  It was perfect for an 8 year old boy!


  1. I absolutely love that list!
    He sounds like a remarkable kid!
    I love the pie!

  2. Happy birthday to one sensational eight year old!!!!! Lovin the pancakes!


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