Friday, November 9, 2012

Baseball Party- Part 2

Part 1 is here and invitation is here

After the boys finished the baseball game we walked back to our house for lunch, cake and the pinata.  I kept it simple by serving hotdogs and chips in red baskets.

Grace made the baseball cookies!  We used an edible marker to draw the laces in. 

My favorite part about planning a party are the details.  Even though nobody noticed the little baseball tablecloth weights, they made me happy!    They took about 4 minutes to piece together and since it was actually very windy they were quite handy to have. 

The baseball cake was perhaps the easiest cake we have ever made.  We intended to ice the cake underneath the baseball green for grass but we decided that we preferred it to evoke a pitcher's mound. 

After cake, the boys all took swings at the baseball pinata.

Each boy was given a bag to put their vendor treats in, the candy from the pinata and a pack of baseball cards to take home.

This party was easy to put together and it was so much fun for Harris!  It was cold on the day of his party but he, nor the other boys, seemed to mind.  They just enjoyed playing ball and being together!


  1. Great party! I LOVE all of the details, especially the vendor treat box!

  2. Wow, I love this party! You are super creative!!!


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