Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Weeks ago we went on a trip to the apple orchards and the children picked a ton of apples!  I spent weeks trying to use up all of those apples.  

Harris was my official apple peeler and he was delighted to do it.

I made apple pie pockets, which I left as a little treat for the children when Bryce and I went on a date night.


Of course, I made apple pie which I served with Susan Branch's cinnamon ice cream (I use whole milk instead of half and half and it is still awesome).  Have you ever had cinnamon ice cream?  It's really, truly amazingly delicious and the perfect fall/winter ice cream treat.

I also canned a few batches of spiced applesauce!  I'm so excited to have them tho break open during the holidays!


  1. Don't you love those apple peeler/corer! They are so hard to find. I think mine is 30 years old!

  2. Yummy...both of them! Ice cream and apple pie!


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