Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Notes on our RV Adventure

Late last night, we arrived home from our RV adventure and it was everything we were hoping it to be!     As cheesy as it sounds, I came home with a whole new appreciation for this country of ours.  We saw sights that were so beautiful that it looked like a movie set and sights that were so surreal it looked like another planet!  As I sift through our photos (over 1,000) I thought I would make some notes about our RV experience.

*The RV we rented was a class "A" RV.  It was a beast!  It had one slide-out and I was amazed at how much room we had.

*I was surprised at how little it bothered any of us to be so close together for so long.  That's not to say that we didn't have moments of being annoyed with each other or that there were times I had serious doubts that the RV could contain all of Harris' energy, but overall it was really great family time.

*This was a great experiment for us and dabbling in the "glamping" world.  As you might know, I've been looking for a vintage airstream for a long while now.  This trip gave us an opportunity to try out having a "home away from home."  We decided that it was definitely something we would like to pursue.  However, a motor home is not for us.  A travel trailer is a better fit for us because....

*We need a car.  I did not like trying to get to places with the RV.  Parking could be a real pain and it's impossible to fit in small spaces with the RV.  I feel that having a car is crucial for us, a travel trailer allows you to unhitch and go!

*On the other hand, it was nice for the children to be able to sit at the dinette and work on activities.  We drove a lot of miles and it might have been tougher for them if they had been sitting in the car.

*We ate at "home" for most of our meals.  We did have a couple of nice meals out, but for the most part it was easier to fix our meals in the RV (not to mention less expensive!).

*I got some very welcome advice from a friend to bring along my own paring knife which I did and I used every single day.  Also, I took my steamer which I used for lots of different purposes (as a bowl, a strainer and storage).  The kitchen tools that were provided in the RV left a little to be desired, but were fine for the two weeks we used them.

*Lastly, I must say thanks to Bryce for being such a great driver.  He was a natural and I'm so thankful that he kept us safe in the RV.  If I never have to go over the Beartooth Scenic Highway in a RV again it will be too soon.  I think it might have shaved a few years off my life!


  1. I've been waiting to hear about your trip. I think we will be doing this in the next few years so I'm glad your trip was a success!

  2. Whoo Hoo! I too have been anxiously awaiting the news on your family RV vacation!!!!
    We travel a ton..as you know...and we have debated over and over whether we should buy an RV? Thanks for your review...the main reason we haven't is that we like to get into the cities and explore..and a RV would be too LARGE!!!
    I can't believe you survived the cliffs with a class A RV?? I'm such a scardy cat...I have to close my eyes! I know...i miss all the beauty...but I just can't do it!
    I can't wait to hear the rest of all your adventures! :)

  3. It sounds like a great trip, Anna! I want to hear more about what you cooked in the RV and what animals you came across on your trip. I told Mike I would like to take a trip west with the kids but I cannot imagine him driving an RV!

  4. It is so fun reading about your camping adventure! Since we had a very similar one just last year it's easy to relate. Our trip was so early in the season we did not get to see everything you did, but on the other hand it wasn't crowded and parking was not a problem. You must have had wonderful traveling space. What a smart way to hone in on what may work best for your family.

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I'm headed to an RV show on Friday to start 'shopping' for one. I don't think I'll jump into fulltiming just yet, but I do want to start taking more extended trips.

    Zion RV Park

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