Monday, August 6, 2012

Favorite Thing #21

One of the most hardworking items in our tool collection is my Tubtrub.  I originally purchased it to use while pruning and weeding in the yard, but its use has gone way beyond weeding!

This plastic bucket is easy to carry, easy to wash and easy to use.  So far I've used it to mix concrete, haul dirt, weed, pick up farm produce, hold water balloons and prune flowers.  I feel sure that I will also find dozens more uses!  I got this size from Amazon.


  1. According to the photo, Harris had one more use for that bucket. Buckets and boys can both be very helpful!

  2. Saw on at JoAnn's Fabric store yesterday, and remembered your post. On sale for $5.99, available in deep purple and lime green. Not sure how I will use them yet...but bought two :-)


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