Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite (adventure) Things #22

I was concerned before our trip about how we would pack all of our clothes and what clothes we should take!  It was going to be hot during the day, or at least warm, but chilly in the evenings.  We also had limited amounts of space in the RV for storage of clothes and we didn't want to go over our weight limit when checking our bags (the children carried on their luggage).  I determined early on that I would be doing laundry (I did it twice) and that we would take a minimum of clothes and shoes.  To that end, we tried to take clothes that could pull double duty!  All in all, I think we did a good job- here are a few of my favorites...

The single best purchase we made in preparation for this trip was the children's North Face convertible pants.  I would guess that these pants/shorts were worn by the children 85% of the time!  We lovingly refer to them as "adventure pants."  I lucked out and got them at a closeout sale for around $20, but I think I would even pay full price for them.  Bryce and I also had convertible pants (frankly, wearability and convenience overrode my fashion sense!).

I hardly ever wear shorts.  They just don't look good on me and I'm much more comfortable in dresses and skirts.  However, I knew that it would be a problem to hike around in a skirt and I didn't want to be limited to one pair of convertible pants!  I found the perfect solution in the REI Rendezvous Skort.  It was so very comfortable and I felt more like me!

The Keeper Chambray Shirt from JCrew (they carry it in petite) was awesome because there are so many ways to wear it.  It was adjustable as we went from cool mornings to warmer afternoons!  It looked casual over a tank top or a little nicer buttoned up for a dinner out.  I love it!

P.S.  The first day I wore the chambray shirt, I paired it with a tank top and convertible pants because we were leaving for a boat trip/hike and it was still very cool outside, but I knew it would warm up as the day progressed.  As soon as Grace saw me, she said she really liked my outfit.  For some reason, that day, my daughter complementing me on an outfit made my day.  I felt fantastic for the whole day!


  1. My oldest has a pair of those convertable pants too and he loooves them. I will have to get some for my little when he gets a bit bigger. Smart thinking mama.

  2. Great planning/shopping on your part! Al has been wearing wrinkle-free light weight shirts from Duluth Trading for a couple years. This year he bought two convertible ones for me. They pack great and can be paired with dressier items to wear 'out'. Such pretty colors too. As much as we travel, we are hooked.

  3. Excellent planning/shopping on your part! Al has been dressed in wrinkle-free light-weight tops from Duluth Dealing for a several decades.

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