Friday, August 24, 2012

Glacier National Park (Days 4 & 5)

On our second full day at the park, we woke up early to go on a boat tour at Many Glacier Lake.  If you caught the 9:00 tour, you could participate in a naturalist led hike back to Grinnell Lake.  It was really interesting to learn the history of the boats and the Many Glacier Lodge.

The hike was through about a mile of forest and our guide would stop and talk to us about the surroundings - plants and animals!

At the end of the hike we came out of the woods and viewed the most amazing lake, mountains and falls.  It might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life (except the birth of my children!).  Oh, if only the pictures did the view justice!

After we finished the hike we went back to the RV for lunch and then decided to hike around the lake surrounding the Lodge.  It was during this hike that Grace determined her life was not complete unless she swam in a glacier-fed stream.  Which, of course, she did.  She was so happy!  


I love, love, love this picture!  I snapped it quickly and didn't look at my settings which were set for a different sort of shot!  However, I love how dark it is and that ray of sunshine that seems to be directed straight at Grace!

I also love this shot of the children and me that Bryce took.  We had stopped at a dock to rest and dry off from the dip!

Our last day at Glacier we went for a "short" hike that kept getting extended!  We ended up hiking almost five miles that day and the children did awesome.  I discovered that I'm always willing to hike for a prize at the end and waterfalls are almost always worth it!

We didn't leave Glacier until almost 5 o'clock!  From there we headed to a stopover in Helena before we drove to Yellowstone National Park.


  1. I can't stand how amazing this is! I can't wait until it's my turn to take my family on this little adventure, and follow in your footsteps!

  2. I never knew there was such beauty in Montanna... Really!!

  3. Really really enjoying the many photos, Anna. It is always difficult to chose just a few when nature is so splendorous.

  4. What an amazing trip! I can't wait to do this with my family one day... Such beautiful photos, too!!!


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