Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yellowstone National Park (days 7 & 8)

On our way from Helena to Yellowstone, we did make a brief stop in Virginia City and Nevada City to see what an old mining town and ghost town might look like.  We also stopped at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center before we entered Yellowstone Park.

We arrived fairly late in the evening at our campsite (Madison) in Yellowstone.  We were thrilled because it was a great site (our best campsites were in Yellowstone).  We settled in, had dinner and then went to bed because we had an early morning the next day!

We had really been encouraged to go on a private tour of Yellowstone for one of the days we were in the park.  We were a little apprehensive about it since we weren't sure it would be worth the price but we signed up and hoped for the best.  Our hopes were certainly fulfilled because we never would have gotten to see the park the way we did with our guide - or learned as much!  He drove us around, so that we didn't have to worry about the RV, and I probably learned more about geothermal activity than I ever thought possible.  We focused mainly on the lower loop and got to see all sorts of geyers, hot springs, mudpots, fumaroles and even some wildlife!

An elk near the side of the road.

The different colors come from the bacteria!

A bison strolled right by our car!

The mud pots.

I loved this thermal feature, the Dragon's Mouth, because you could really envision a dragon living in the cave.

A bison lounged by the Mud Volcano!  We didn't get too close!

Where the buffalo roam.

The Yellowstone River.

The upper falls of the Yellowstone...

and the lower falls.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

The day after our tour, we went to several places that we hadn't gone the day before, most notabably, Old Faithful!  

I loved walking around the Old Faithful Lodge and will admit to having a tiny pang that we weren't staying in it!  It was absolutely breathtaking and the details were so, so beautiful!

We also went to the Grand Prismatic Springs (this is a panorama, shot with the video camera, to see it better you must click on the picture!).

On this particular day, the crowds were large in the park and it was hard to get a space to park in the RV so we weren't too sad to head out on the short drive to the Grand Tetons.


  1. WOW!!

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