Saturday, April 21, 2012

Peony Troubles

I've had some really disappointing news as far as our garden goes.  As you know, I love peonies.  I've planted at least a dozen (probably more but I try not to count) and eagerly anticipate the red little stalks appearing every spring.  This year the stalks appeared and I got giddy with anticipation.  However, that anticipation quickly turned to concern as the plants stopped growing and started to look deformed.  I finally called Klehm's where I purchased many of the peonies and sent them a picture of the plants.  The first question they asked made my heart sink.  They asked me if our lawn had had any treatment and yes, it had.  Never before have we had a professional treat our yard, but this year we decided to try to get a head start on the weeds that we have battled in the past, and of course we wanted a beautiful, green lawn.

The gal at Klehm's believes that it is chemical damage to the plants- most likely caused by drift.  She advised that we cut down the foliage and wait until next spring.  Unfortunately, it is likely that the peonies will not come back but only time will tell.  I'm sad that we won't have beautiful blooms this year and likely next year (though I still have 6 or so that are doing just fine).  Also, it's disheartening to think of starting over when these plants had gotten settled and would be that much bigger this year.  I totally understand that if this if my biggest disappointment right now that we are doing really well and life is good.  But still.

P.S.  Obviously, we are reevaluating our need for a chemically enhanced lawn!


  1. Similar thing happened to me one year...Billy mowed them down with the weed eater!! He vowed to never do that again!!

    Mine are about the bloom...


  2. Now you have me panicked! Our lawn is being sprayed in the next few weeks and this is the first year I expect the peonies to bloom. I'll be sure to ask them to be really careful.

  3. Oh no! That is so sad. We planted some peonies last year that didn't do anything because they were babies... but they are peaking through this year so hopefully they will have some pretty flowers. How do you cut the the flowers so that they will continue to flower throughout the summer? I am afraid I will stunt it or something.

  4. I am so sorry!
    I don't even grow weeds well! :(

  5. Leah- The peonies will only bloom one time for the season. Unfortunately, they don't rebloom after their first bloom! Wouldn't that be wonderful if they did? Everything that I have read about peonies says that they actually like to be neglected!

  6. Wow, I had no idea! Well, that will make it easy


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