Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Marilyn recently mentioned that she would love to see some photos of our yard this spring.  Besides our peony disappointment, we've enjoyed some really lovely blooms this spring- both inside and out!


  1. So beautiful! What is that flower in the vase with the white back and big yellow center?

  2. It's a daffodil! I bought lots of different bulbs from a website two years ago and I LOVE how all the daffodils are so different!

  3. Appreciate the flower post. Wish I could be there to see the lovely yard in person. Isn't spring the best!

  4. Where do your talents end?????
    Absolutely Beautiful!
    I am afraid to post my's all weeds...but soon to be flowers...and hopefully I will keep them alive!

  5. Beautiful flowers!!!!! I planted tulips for the first time and they just started opening!!!!! It is still chilly here in Wisconsin so a lot of my other flowers haven't come in yet!!!! This summer I am hoping to plant more perennials on our property. Love your home!!!! Blessings,Sara


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