Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hilton Head

Last week, during the children's spring vacation, we took a trip to see Bryce's sister, Jeni, and her husband Bill.  They live in a beautiful home in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  We had such a lovely time and their hospitality was amazingly wonderful.  Our days were filled with pool time, beach time, put-put golfing, pool time, walks with Shiloh (their schnoodle), bike riding, pool time, eating yummy food, picnicking, pool time, relaxing, kite flying, pool time and even more pool time.  Can you tell the children enjoyed the pool? The children got a little too much sun even with tons of sunscreen.  We even saw dear friends who were also vacationing in Hilton Head!  All in all it was a memorable, wonderful vacation.  Thank you Jeni and Bill!

(Harris is crying in this picture because someone touched his poor sunburned back!)


  1. This looks like a perfect relaxing vacation! Love All the pictures!

  2. what great photos!! send me all and more!!

  3. It was wonderful seeing the photos. The two of the children jumping with the water are favorites. Great 'resort' hosts indeed. Hope the sunburns are healed and forgotten.


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