Monday, April 2, 2012

A Cow Painting

Years and years ago, Bryce and I decided that whenever we traveled we would purchase a Christmas ornament, a book about our destination and a piece of art.  As it has turned out we have not always bought art because it's not something we do unless we find something we love.  However, there have been times that we have made purchases because we have found something that we love and adore.  We've purchased a painting from Colorado, a piece of pottery from Hawaii, a glass sculpture from Georgia, and an antique map from Paris.  These pieces may not be worth a ton of money but they always remind us of a wonderful time we had.  That, of course, is what makes them priceless to us.

While we were in Utah we wandered into a few art galleries, but we didn't spend a lot of time looking except to admire some photographs.  However, we did notice that most things were very much out of our price range (I saw a painting for $27,000!).

On our last night in Utah, we all went out together for dinner, and I happened to be facing a hallway with a very large cow painting.  After looking at this cow for awhile I mentioned to Bryce that I really liked the cow.  We examined the cow and both really liked it (still can't explain why) but I assumed that such a large painting would be way out of our price range.  To my surprise, Kathleen announced that she had seen a similiar painting in a catalog!  She then found it on her phone and it turned out to be the exact painting!  In a catalog!  We ordered the cow when we got home and he has turned out to really make the space on our screened porch.  And even though we didn't purchase him in Utah, I still think of Utah every time I look at him (and I pretend those are Utah mountains in the painting!). 

The painting we saw at the restaurant- it's slightly different than ours!


  1. Love your bovine! Not quite the Black Angus of my youth, but very fanciful for the porch setting. And a muley cow at that! Should bring lots of smiles. :-)

  2. That is a great tradition!
    I love love love this picture...because it reminds me of Iowa...there is more corn ...but cows are good! :)

  3. Do you mind sharing the catalog source? That painting is adorable!

  4. Hi Anna- The cow is from At West End and here is the link to it-

    Have a great day!


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