Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Red Back Door

When we restored the siding on our house we went ahead and replaced our back door because it was starting to rot!   I wanted a wood door, but after speaking to lots of people about it I came to the realization that it too would eventually rot since we don't have adequate coverage from the elements over the door.  Also, everyone I spoke to mentioned that doors aren't made like they used to be.  I know that this sounds cliche, but apparently new growth wood is simply not as durable as old growth wood was.  It makes me sad to realize that we simply won't ever have old growth wood again.  The new door is fiberglass and I'm very happy with it.

We painted the new door red and it makes me happy!  I love having the pop of color on the back of the house.  This is not the original red that I picked.  After they painted the door, I was disheartened to realize that the original red was not as vibrant as I had hoped and it seemed to me to have an almost pink tone to it.  I lucked out because they had to repaint the door due to some adhesion issues and so they painted it with the new red.  What do you think?


  1. I loooove it! A little pop of color can make a person so happy!

  2. Just wanted you to know that your nautical napkins with lifesavers from 2010 lves on! It have been repinned from my Party Pinboard 741times and counting..... Darling idea.

  3. Love it! But, that is coming from someone whose favorite color is red and who also has a red front door! ;)

  4. As you know I too want a red door. what is the color?

  5. Love love love the red door!!!!
    My really good friend and great you...had a red wood was AWESOME!!!

  6. I'm looking for a bright red as well. Which one did you end up using?

    1. Hi Lizet! Let me see if I can find the color for you!


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