Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little letter to fall

Fall 2007

Dear Fall,
Why did you abandon us?  For a few glorious days you teased us into buying cider, wrapping up in quilts and pulling out our flannel pajamas.  Your mysterious disappearance has prompted a warm, damp and very humid substitute to take your place, but he is not welcome here anymore.  Nats and mosquitoes are taking advantage of your absence.  Windows have once again been shut.  Shorts and sandals that had been given time off have been called back into service.  The massive amounts of moisture are causing pumpkins and gourds, your very symbols of the season, to rot on their stems (not to mention making it very difficult for any work to get done on my house).  People who are normally cheerful beings have turned grumpy and lethargic.  You, and you alone, can turn this tide around. Please, please come back and reclaim your rightful place!  We miss you.

Anna, Bryce, Harris and Grace


  1. We agree. Our three days in the mountains were lovely and cool and colorful fall. Back home it is hot once more. Weeding the garden and trimming bushes will have to be postponed until wonderful fall returns.

  2. I am still up to my eye balls in boxes, I am missing all the wonderful temperatures! I am glad fall is waiting for me...I just need a few more days! =)
    Love your post!!!!

  3. Fall! Fall! Glorious fall! I hope he/she comes back soon for you!


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