Thursday, September 1, 2011

Longwood Gardens and Bruce Hornsby

We've recently taken an overnight trip to Longwood Gardens to see Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers in concert (Bryce is a devoted fan!).  It was the children's first concert and Bryce was excited to share the experience with them!

We originally had planned to spend the afternoon at the Enchanted Gardens but when we pulled up we  discovered that they are closed on Mondays!  Oops.  That was a disappointment, but we recovered and spent time hiking* at the Brandywine State Park instead.

Our accommodations for the evening were amazing!  We stayed at The Inn at Montchanin and loved every minute of it.

( I'm sad that this picture of us is out of focus!  It's always very hard for others to take our picture with the Nikon!)

Our tickets to the concert included the day at Longwood Gardens so we spent the whole day exploring. They have a fantastic indoor children's garden in which no detail has been left behind!  Every sight in the gardens is more spectacular than the next!  We really enjoyed it.

The concert was great and we left with tired, but happy, children and one very happy husband!

*I had dressed for the day in anticipation of a leisurely day spent at the enchanted gardens so it was very humorous that I ended up hiking on a very muddy, overgrown hiking path (we even had to climb under a fallen tree!) in a pink and white dress with very flat sandals on!


  1. You certainly made a wonderful time of it. The gardens look enchanting. We may put that on our list. How very special for Bryce to have the family with him this year. The weather obviously cooperated!

  2. I immediately adored your white dress...and thought to myself, why do I dress for hikes...I should dress everyday as if it it's going to be a blissful day! It may have been on accident...but it was inspirational to me!
    You truly do amazing things with your kids! Your a great mom! They will remember this forever!

  3. OMG my boyfriend in college was from Kennett Square and I spent alot of time at Longwood Gardens! He always boasted about it being the Mushroom Capitol of the world :)

  4. Too fun!!! I know Bryce was excited to endoctrinate the kids into the World of BH :)

  5. What a fun day! I bet that fallen tree felt glamorous for a moment to have you hike by looking so beautiful. Way to embrace the day no matter what!

  6. Even without he mud it still looks like an enchanting experience!!!!! I am with sherri... I love your pretty white dress!


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