Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day

It's official.  The children have gone back to school and our fall routine has been set in motion!  Both children were excited but a little nervous for their first day.  Unfortunately, opening ceremonies had to be cancelled due to (excessive) rain but they didn't seem to be too unsettled by that change of plans.

Do you know what I dread the most about school starting?  Lunches.  Every year I determine that this is going to be the year that I faithfully send the children off to school with good, healthy lunches.  And every year Grace buys lunch at school more and more and more throughout the year!  That has to end this year because Harris cannot buy lunch at school.  For their first day I sent in this cute lunch...

I thought it was super cute, but I must admit that it will not happen with any regularity for several reasons.  1.  it took too long to make  2.  it fell apart in their lunch boxes (seriously, Harris had no idea his sandwich was supposed to be a pencil!) 3.  it's a little too much wasted food for me (all those scraps of cheese and bread!)

Even though the children won't be getting "artistic" lunches all the time, I would still like to send a variety of food.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!


  1. I just love all the creative things you do with food... beautiful dinners and these adorable lunches! So cute. I always have the best intentions of filling up my daughters lunchbox with different and interesting foods, but it just never happens... its practically the same thing every day (unless I have suddenly run out of the usual ingredients and then I am *forced* to get creative!).

  2. I don't get creative I just make sure that in addition to the main course (sandwich...) they have a fruit, a vegetable (I alternate alot between carrots and celery sometimes grape tomatoes. Fill the celery with cream cheese of sunbutter to help mix it up), and a dairy and then something fun like a granola bar. I try never to send the dreaded chips. I tell them that if they eat all there lunch then they can have some chips or whatever junkie thing when they get home. It's worked well so far.

  3. Artistic lunches are once -in-a-while fun!!! I know you... I am positive you will have super healthy and creative get home snacks for them!!! My teenager loves to pack a healthy lunch everyday (for now), but my 1st grader Thinks school lunches are awesome! It is interesting to see how their preferences change over time. Hope hope school goes great for both of your sweethearts!

  4. They are really growing up! I love your's absolutely adorable! My kids love school lunches, it has always shocked me, but they love it! I use to go to lunch with them and order the same food they were eating...and as I ate it, I would wonder..."why do they like this, it truly is horrible!" In fact, they miss the school lunches now that we are home eating real food! =)

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