Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sconces and mixed finishes

We have been making a lot of decisions about our master bathroom the past several weeks.  Tiles, faucets, cabinets, sconces, mirrors and a tub have all been chosen and ordered!  I'm super excited about the way that it is coming together and can't wait to see the finished product.  As you may know, I love and adore my kitchen, and I wanted our bathroom to have the same look and feel but in bathroom form!   We've chosen a lot of similar elements for the bathroom as we already have in the kitchen- white cabinets, marble, wood and some vintage lights!

Months and months ago I picked up a pair of old sconces for a song at a consignment store.  Of course, I was drawn immediately to the bows and couldn't resist them (my electrician is probably going to want to throttle me- they don't have a back and won't cover a modern junction box!).  I've really worried about the fact that I'm going to be mixing finishes in the bathroom.  The sconces (and a chandelier) are brass and my faucet fixtures are going to be nickel.  Would it make the bathroom look helter skelter or like a room that has come together over time?  I fretted and fretted over this detail and yet today I looked at my range in the kitchen and realized that it too has mixed finishes!  I love my range, so here's to hoping I love the mixed finishes in the bathroom!


  1. I worried about this same thing in many rooms! My kitchen and bathroom have a mix of finishes (only 2 actually) and it seems to work great because it doesn't seem so 'matchy matchy'.

  2. Not a detail is left unnoticed at your house! =)


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