Monday, August 22, 2011

Prom- 80's style

Our fun friends, Tucker and Cathy, celebrated a big birthday this summer and decided to have an 80's prom themed party to mark the milestone (Tucker didn't get to attend a prom while in high-school!). Everyone was asked to come in appropriate formal wear and I loved how all the guests had such a great sense of humour and were good sports about it.  It was definitely the best prom I ever attended!

I wore my own prom dress from 1989!  I tried to get my hair as big as I possibly could, I even used rollers, but I still couldn't achieve the volume that I used to get to back in the day!

Bryce, being the good prom date that he is, even brought me a corsage!

Of course, every prom must have a balloon arch...

and a cheesy (note the wicker chair!) photo backdrop for the awkward and cheesy pictures that will be taken of happy couples.

Are you ready for a nice, hearty laugh?  1989.

Oh, yeah.


  1. That is fabulous and I'm impressed you can fit into your dress from 1989 even though your hair wasn't as big! Love the photos!!

  2. That's hilarious! Seriously, I doubt i can fit into my wedding dress, and that was 1 year ago!!

  3. You look much more beautiful now...and you date this year is way hotter.

  4. Oh my goodness!
    Where have I been? You have so many fun posts on here! This is awesome! I would love to do this for Marks big looks like too much fun!
    I can't believe you fit in your prom dress!!!! I will try not to be jealous!
    I love the original picture!
    So cute!
    It is amazing that our hair was trained to go big...and now it just doesn't know how to! =)


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