Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iowa! (Wisconsin and Illinois too!)

We've recently gotten back from a trip to Iowa!  Bryce has a lot of family there and though we did a lot of driving during the week we were so happy to be able to visit with almost all of his family!  Bryce's parents even made the trip from Colorado to join us!  I love visiting Iowa, the rows and rows of corn and soybeans are so beautiful to me, as are the farm houses and outbuildings surrounded by trees.  Oddly, I didn't come home from our trip with an excess of pictures- I was too busy visiting with everyone!  

Our first two nights were spent at Russ and Lana's beautiful farm.  On Saturday much of the family came over for lunch.  We also managed to fit in a game of Peanuts which made Bryce very happy!  It was wonderful for the children to get to play with their cousins.

We had dinner with James and Jackie (and his parents too!).

We traveled to Leah and Aaron's new house and got to feast our eyes on sweet Addie!  

We made a one night stop in Madison, Wisconsin to visit our friends Mark and Lori.  We got a little tour of the beautiful city of Madison, and Bryce got to ride and drive in his dream car!

We had a short visit in the suburbs of Chicago with our friend Leslie.  We even got to dip our toes in Lake Michigan!

We headed home (but not into the field of dreams!)....


  1. Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

  2. SOOOO beautiful and what a gorgeous image, LOVE your pics!!!!!

  3. Love the first and last pictures! Looks like a fun trip!

  4. I ADORE that pic of your guys jumping!!!! Made me smile huge. You all have been busy busy with lots of fun this summer! Time for holidays now. :)

  5. Before reading the captions...I was wondering how you found a perfect beach in Iowa...we have some...but they are a little muddy!
    Why do I love corn pictures? and jumping pictures?? I love love love love that picture of you guys! Absolutely adorable!
    This post makes me sad to leave...when we leave...which may be never!


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