Friday, August 26, 2011

Favorite Things #11

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from The Land of Nod offering a 20% off coupon for anything in the store.  I had been wanting to purchase their wire bin to corral the numerous balls we have floating around in our garage, so I headed over to their website.  Of course, while I was there I had to check out a few other things and I came upon something that made me get all excited and happy!

You see I have a love for first aid supply bins- especially vintage looking ones!  In my excitement I ordered both the red and white because I couldn't decide which to get (and I had a coupon!).  I had the intention of returning one after I decided which one would work best for us.  Guess what?  I love them both and have put them to use holding all of our first aid supplies and medicines!  It was a terrific opportunity to go through our supplies, throw away expired medicine and make a list of lacking supplies.  Also, it freed up a tremendous amount of space!  Bonus!

P.S.  I still love my mudroom first aid kit- it gets used all the time!


  1. So darling! I love all things vintage... Including these!!!!!! Nice that it looks old and has new inside.... I found a real antique one at a sale but it was icky inside... Old medicne all dried up. Glad you are back from your blogging vacation! Missed you!!!! Xoxoxoxoxxo

  2. I love first aide kits...and those absolutely ROCK!!!


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