Sunday, August 7, 2011

A letter to Harris

Dear Harris,
I want to let you know that I think that you are just great.  I love what a hard worker you are and I'm amazed at how willing you are to jump in and "own" a project.  Did you realize that you have painted about 75% of the playhouse by yourself over the past two days?   I think you love working hard at something.  In fact, I think that it gives you joy to work and make something with your hands and heart.  And I believe you get a lot of satisfaction out of a job well done.  Just like your Dad.  Tonight, while we were painting the inside of the playhouse we discussed something that is very important for you to understand.  I told you that you were going to be just like your Dad and know how to do a lot of stuff and you said that you got it from your Dad and your Grandpa and that you would teach your son (and I reminded you that you could teach your daughter too!).   It's important to remember how much others can teach us.  While we were talking and working I was reminded of how proud of you I really am.  I love you.~ Mom

P.S.  Could you please pretend that you didn't notice that after repeatedly telling you not to let your brush drip it was I who kept dripping paint everywhere!


  1. Now I'm crying. You've got to warn a reader before you post something like that...

  2. I seriously got all teary-eyed too! So dang sweet :)

  3. Finally! Someone let Harris climb the ladder. What a go-getter he is! He obviously knows how great it feels to pitch in. The house is looking great. Look forward to more photos of it.

  4. Ahhhhh!
    Love the letter! =) He will treasure it forever! I need to write my kids a letter in our blog...since it is my journal! =) Thanks for the splendid idea!
    I seriously can't believe he painted that much! That is truly a wonderful talent...working hard....sticking to a task...and enjoying it the whole time!


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