Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Bikes and Cupcakes

We've had such a lovely long weekend.  Each Memorial Day our town has a charming parade, and this year the children decided to decorate their bikes and ride in it.  After a quick trip to the party store for a few supplies, they got to work making their bikes festive.  They had lots of fun!

 After the parade, we went to Gretchen's house for a gathering and I took these cupcakes.  I added the raspberry to give the cupcake a little pizzazz and act as a flag holder.  I think they turned out really cute!



  1. Super great way to honor Memorial Day! Those children and bikes are so festive. They did a great job. Take a look at our blog update. At least our flag was out at home, and we gave thanks for the freedom we've been given to have such a 'free' day doing what we enjoy!

  2. too fun! you live in a great community! Adorable cupcakes, chocolate or red velvet?

  3. Love the bikes!
    Your shirt a adorable!
    Love the cupcakes...they turned out perfect!
    I love that you made Memorial Day so special..there is not many days more important! =)

  4. The cupcakes are adorable... I'll have to keep them in mind for $th of July! Also, like Sherri, love your shirt!


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