Friday, May 27, 2011

A Few Seasonal Firsts

This evening, I felt like we should kick off the holiday weekend with a few firsts for this new summery season.  I made a pitcher of homemade lemonade, a fresh salad with the first lettuce from the farm and I picked up our first batch of cherries.  Honestly, they were the best cherries I've ever had!  After Grace had  a taste of the lemonade she declared, "Everything tastes better homemade."  I do love that girl.


  1. did you know. . . . .in Judaism there is a special prayer that you say thanks to G-d when you do something for the first time.
    The Shehechiyanu is a Jewish blessing that thanks God for sustaining our lives so that we could experience a moment of joy. It reminds us that life is a gift from God and helps us to appreciate when something good happens. if you are interested please visit this site.

  2. I can't think of many things better than fresh lemonade...and good cherries! your a gem!

  3. I agree with Miss Grace. We're celebrating have the first tender leaves of spinach and romaine from our garden!


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