Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

The first bouquet of peonies brought inside.

Opening day at the farm where the strawberries remind me that the strawberries that I purchase throughout the year are really only very distant cousins of in-season, locally grown strawberries.

A cat that greets you at the door, promptly rolls over onto her back and waits to be loved on.

A new basketball hoop that has brought great joy to a certain 6 year old boy that I know.


  1. Oh that is happiness! And as you know I share your love for peonies!

  2. We have a certain six year old that would burst with happiness for a b b hoop!!! Where did you buy yours?? Your strawberries look so yummy! Hope you have a very happy weekend!

  3. Your peonies are gorgeous. We just planted some and I am hoping by next year they will be producing some pretty blooms for me!

  4. Your happiness from enjoying those items is shared. They are all quite different and all quite wonderful. The photos are great.


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