Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last fall I planted a lot of daffodil bulbs around our yard.  I intentionally planted late bloomers because I thought we would have more of an opportunity to be outside and enjoy them later in the spring rather than earlier.  Enjoy them we have!

We have tiny, ruffled clusters of daffodils,

miniature daffodils,

yellow and orange daffodils...

teeny, tiny yellow daffodils,

and ruffly, gorgeous daffodils.

My quandary with flowers is always whether to leave them outside to enjoy or bring them inside to enjoy.  We did both.  I think in the fall I'm going to plant even more!


  1. Gorg! You just inspired to me to plant some in the fall too. I wonder how they do in Colorado?

  2. They are lovely. I know what you mean about being in a quandry about to pick or leave in the yard...

  3. I have a peony in full bloom... leave or cut?? It is a hard decision! I love your ruffly ones. yea for spring and flowers!!!

  4. Love them all. Can't believe how long ago our daffodils bloomed even the last ones. Enjoy your spring...we are moving on the summer here! :)


  5. Inside and outside.... Both so lovely! I love your sink!

  6. Aren't the early flowers especially welcome! Yours are a treat for the eyes. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa there was a yard that was totally covered in crocus in spring. By the time the grass was ready to mow, the crocus were ready to be mowed also.
    To 'mommy': We have seen them blooming in the city here in Colorado, but were told deer love them and tulips very much so ours are in a protected area.

  7. Where did that adorable metal dancing frog come from in the picture with the mini daffodils?? Any idea where I can get one?

  8. Anon- The dancing frog is a hose guide that I got at Smith and Hawkin before it went out of business. Smith and Hawkin for Target does have a frog hose guide which is cute... but not as cute!

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