Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What we wore

On Saturday we had our family portraits taken. We used to do this once a year but somehow time has flown by and it has been two (maybe even 3!) years. Of course the big question was, "What will we wear?". I had moments of thinking that I want to try to emulate Design Mom's awesome, eclectic mix of colors, styles and fabrics but then I realized that we just aren't that cool or hip. Our family style, or so I like to think, is a bit more on the classic side. I love peter pan collars, lambswool sweaters and pearls. My challenge, always, is to not get too matchy, matchy. In the end I picked a color and tried to thread it through our outfits in one way or another. The color red came from a dress that I bought for Grace on sale at the end of last season. I love this dress! The rest of our outfits came together rather easily and without having to buy everything brand new. I haven't seen the pictures yet but I hope that everything translated well!

Grace wore this beautiful dress from Pears and Bears.

For Harris I bought this red sweater, on sale, online at Crewcuts.

I added this gorgeous flower pin to a black sweater dress I already owned and Bryce wore a sweater and dress shirt that he already had.


  1. I love it all! Love Grace's dress (noticed that frog hanger too!), love the classic sweater, LOVE the flower pin. It is wonderful. Share with me where it came from.

  2. I always love looking at family pictures especially the new trendy things people are doing. Can't wait to see how the colors translated in your pictures.



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