Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Favorite Things #1

{I've decided to start posting every once in a while about some of my favorite things. Whenever I take a moment to look around me I'm struck by how lucky I am to be surrounded by things that make me smile or make my life a little more beautiful (we are talking things here, obviously family and friends are what is truly important to living a beautiful life!).}

I recently purchased a flower pin to wear for our family portraits. The pin is from EmersonMade and as soon as I opened the package I was enchanted. I love a good package and this flower is so well presented! From the box, to the instructions, to the actual pin everything is so well put together, thought out and beautiful!

I love the instructions- click the picture so that you can read them! I've decided to take the Character Method!

What is your favorite thing right now? Please share!


  1. I love Emersonmade! I agree that packaging is lovely.

  2. One of my favorite things right now is LaCroix water. I only drink green tea, almond milk and water. (Who am I fooling...there is some wine in there too.)So the yummy LaCroix water just jazzes things up for me. I especially love the pamplemousse flavor (grapefruit).


  3. One of my favorite things is my sewing machine! It brings me great comfort to sit by my dear friend, hear the wirring of the needle and be able to give a hand made gift! :)

  4. OOOOOOO!!! Thanks for this link! I have been looking for a good flower pin!

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