Sunday, November 7, 2010

Science Party - Part 2

{Thank you to everyone for your kind comments about our science party. They made my day!}

After the safety talk, we went straight to the experiments. We planned on doing 6 experiments with a few for backup since we didn't know how the time would go (and hour and a half). We made it through all six just as it was time to go home! Perfect.

We tried to be very prepared for each experiment so that there was no "down" time between each one. I lined up each item we would need in order of appearance in the experiment line-up. We also found it helpful to have everything pre-measured and ready to go. We did the first 4 experiments and then took a break for cake! The last two experiments were best done outside!

Experiment #1
Super Growing Jelly Marbles
Each child got a test tube and ten itty bitty p0lyacrylamide beads that went in the test tube. Water was added, as well as color, and the marbles began to soak up the water and grow. We checked in on this experiement during the party and the marbles continued to grow even after they took them home.

Experiment #2
Gooey Gunk
This was very popular with the boys - for obvious reasons. It was messy, squenchy and became solid in front of their eyes. I got the recipe from the book, The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions (thanks to Katherine Marie for the recommendation). The boys got to choose a color and take this home.

Experiment #3
Tornado in a Bottle
This was strangely mesmerizing to watch!

Experiment #4
This is a polymer that, once water is added, quickly expands to 300 times it's former size! Apparently, this stuff is used both in indoor skiing/snowboarding parks and in baby diapers!

Experiment #5
This experiment was another messy one that the boys really enjoyed. We placed baking soda into a paper cup and taped another cup, this one with a hole in the bottom, on top. We had premixed vinegar, red food color and dish soap in a third cup that the boys poured into the hole

Experiment #6
Mount St. Mentos
Need I say more?

I got the test tubes, insta-snow, jelly marbles and a few other things from Steve Spangler Science. Also, thanks to Dawn G. who kindly offered pictures, ideas and experiments from her son's awesome science party! Thanks! I see lots more experiments in our future!


  1. That is some serious science going on. I know Harris was beside himself excited for his birthday party. Amazing!

  2. So super cool! Funny I had just checked out that Steve Spangler page.. pretty good resource there. Thanks so much for sharing. Awesome party!

  3. This party ROCKED!!!!
    I can't believe it!
    I wish I was there...disguised as a kid! ;)
    My kids would LOVE this!

  4. We absolutely love this, it is right up our alley, great ideas, fun for the kids and educational at the same time. Perfect party!

  5. OH WHAT FUN!!!! I think this party takes the CAKE for most MAGICAL and INTERACTIVE. What a once in a lifetime experience for the little guests and the birthday boy!


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