Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Book

When Bryce and I got married we began purchasing a photo album for each year. We've always taken an extraordinary amount of pictures, even before the blog, so we always got an extra large capacity album. However, once we had children even the extra capacity albums were hard pressed to hold all of our pictures!

Several factors led us to reevaluate our album system: 1. The albums were very large and thus extremely difficult to store (we have 13 of them!); 2. Once we left film and went digital we didn't print as regularly as we did with film; 3. The albums were not holding up over time; and 4. We didn't have any versatility with picture orientation or size.

Our solution to the album conundrum was to create a photo book! I ended up using Blurb to create the album because they were the only site that allowed as many pages as I needed- 230! We found it to be a time consuming project to work on, but I believe that the end result makes it worth it!

My favorite feature is that each page in the album can be customized and therefore the pictures are able to tell more of a story.


  1. We're photobook converts, too. We like Shutterfly's prices and products, so we just do a book for each holiday or event. They send me so many coupons, I haven't paid more than a few dollars for any of them.

    Now, we're only on our second year with our first child, and we already have 8 photobooks. I may have to reevaluate and begin making books yearly if I don't want to have to buy a larger house just to hold them all!

  2. Of course, I copied you with the Exposures books and this year is the first year we are not getting one. They are just to big.

    I am working on my first yearly phot book. It is time consuming but well worth it.


  3. I have opted for the same thing!
    I love photo kids look at them all the time!
    Thank goodness for Photo books!

  4. Wow! I have daydreamed about doing this on Snapfish but yes it is time consuming. Yours look great though, you may have inspired me to take the time. I should at least do it for each boys first year as right now they are sitting in a folder on my computer digitally only. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What I love about photo books it that I only have to make one and them order copies for the family. I have been making them for at least 4 years now. I found Shutterflys quality better, my snapfish book binding is coming loose already. I do them for all different reasons. I did a "year book" for our first granddaughter with just the stuff she did that year with us. I make family gathering ones. When EVERYONE hits the beach the same weekend, I take lots of photos, make a book and order a copy for each of us. Years down the road, it will make a difference.

  6. Your coffee table book looks LOVELY LOVELY!!!! I'm a huge photo book fan too... :):)


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