Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Harris

Harris is six today. Six. I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday that they told us that we had a son and it took my breath away. He still does.

Here's this year's list of the top 10 reasons that I love Harris...

1. He's loving. From the moment Harris was born he has always been a very loving, cuddly child. He still is and I savor it.

2. He still finds great pleasure in playing with an empty box.

3. He has a great imagination. All summer long he had a "chocolate factory" in the very back part of our yard. The other day Grace said to me, "Sometimes I actually believe there is a factory back there making chocolate." He's that good.

4. When asked who loves him most in the world he answers, "God" (I intended for him to say me!).

5. He loves his Family in a big way and he is not afraid to show it.

6. He loves school. This has not always been the case and so I'm very happy that he's off to such a great start!

7. He has a great smile! I find it hard to resist. It can be a problem.

8. He has an amazing attitude about his diet. He has been off of corn and gluten for almost 5 weeks and he, through his attitude, has made it easy for the whole family.

9. He will stay in his pajamas all day if given the opportunity. That's my kind of guy!

10. He loves to celebrate things. All the better if this involves dressing up and eating yummy food.

Post Edit: Grace would like me to add that he is the best brother in the world!


  1. Look at his sweet smile. Six, that is hard to believe! Is that a stack of GF pancakes? yummy. I'm so happy he has so easily adjusted to his new diet.

  2. Happy Birthday Harris! He sounds like such a wonderful little boy. And a chocolate factory in the backyard... oh my, what a great imagination!

  3. It is hard to believe that Harris is 6...time goes by so fast!

    Looks like a great celebration morning.



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