Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maine- Our home away from home

We are back from Maine. We had a wonderful vacation that included resting, hiking, swimming, building fairy houses, eating anything that had lobster or blueberries in the name, boating, an emergency room visit, stargazing, waiting for a hurricane, bringing books to life and spending lots and lots of time together! I'm going to break our trip up into several different posts to make it more manageable (for me!) so please bear with me.

We stayed at the Oakland House resort and it couldn't have been more perfect for us. It very much felt like a camp setting. We had a little cottage that was rustic (no air, internet, tv or phone) but clean and quaint. Our cottage had a lovely, deep porch that had an amazing view. We had a private trail that lead to a small beach and picnic area and there were hiking trails on the property that we took advantage of. It was very private (we never even meet or saw the people who run the place!).

Our cottage on the cliff.

Our view for the week! The lighthouse is on Pumpkin Island, which I found enchanting.

Next up: Time on the water!


  1. sounds lovely... all except the ER visit. was it Harris' allergies again?

  2. WOW! What a stunning vaca spot! New to you and now a follower! =)


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