Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school celebration

We had our celebration dinner tonight since the children are about to start school. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing; on the one hand I'm looking forward to getting back on a schedule but on the other hand...I'm going to miss them!

I wanted to make the table a little special so I used labels from Blonde Designs for the place cards and an eraser that had been slit for the stand. I wrapped a vase with pencils for the centerpiece. (I tried to use zinnias from the garden but since we have had no rain they are really suffering!)

We stuck with our traditional menu of alphabet soup and alphabet toast but we added some fun cheese and crackers! In keeping with our pencil theme I made a brownie pencil for dessert. It's not my best work but the children enjoyed it!

I unveiled our theme for year, "Always be yourself." I believe in this day and age of vast "sameness" that it is important for children to hold onto themselves and to have room to figure out who exactly they are. It seems like it's getting harder and harder for children to do this.

We also talked about goals for the upcoming year:

Would like to learn to read and write
Would like to learn to use a computer better

Would like to learn more about rocks and minerals
Would like to learn how to type
Wants to learn how to write in cursive

This year we gave the children their school cones the night before instead of the morning of. I didn't want the morning to get too full and hectic.

P.S. If Grace looks like she is holding the cone funny... it's because she is! This afternoon she had a minor medical procedure done on her hands that the doctor said, and I quote, "this won't hurt a bit." She was in agony all evening. I never would have proceeded on the evening before school started if I had known!


  1. What a wonderful tradition you are establishing with your children. I love the pencil vase and all the other thoughtful details. I can guarantee that your children with remember these dinners vividly for the rest of their lives.

  2. How special...such great ideas!

  3. I love the pencils and the back to school cheese-its. As usual fabu!

  4. THREE cheers for all of your CREATIVE CREATIVE FUN!!!!!!! I adore the pencils and all your ABCs!!! During our mail week I wrote a letter with those cheese crackers... have you checked out the fat grams? I had to resist from munching.

  5. Oh my goodness! This completely darling. What lucky kids they are! The best way to start the school year!

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