Monday, September 13, 2010

A first birthday (party)

I have a dear friend, Sonja, who somehow makes mothering four children look easy. Her youngest, Shona, just turned one and to celebrate she had a flower themed outdoor party that was loads of fun and that I was happy to be able to participate in!

Sonja wanted everything to be bright and cheerful so we kept to pink, oranges and yellows for the color scheme of the party. We made 62 cupcakes (Kristin made chocolate, I made vanilla), numerous tissue paper flowers and dozens of flower lollipop favors.

I made a lollipop garden smash cake for Shona. It's one of my favorite cakes because it was so sweet, petite and simple.

The children had an absolute blast on the GIANT water slide!


  1. This is beautiful!!!
    I love the smash cake!

  2. WHAT MARVELOUS detial and amazing color!!!!! HOpe the bday girl had deightful celebration. I'd sure like a friend like you--- I could use some PARTY FUN!!!!!! :) The more kiddos you have the harder it is to do wildly amazing parties for each. Your friend is blessed to have your creative touch.

  3. 1st birthday remains memorable whole the life because its parents makes video and always try to enjoy it.


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