Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunch equipment

Do you know what I dreaded most about school starting? Lunch. Ok, I actually dreaded homework and missing my children the most but lunch was right up there too. Traditionally, packing a lunch has not been something I have excelled at. I vowed that this school year would be different and that I would send interesting, yummy and healthy lunches.

In order to help me fulfill this promise I have gathered some favorite things to help me out. The item I have found the most useful and helpful has been our new lunch container. Of course, I love that it cuts down on the use of plastic baggies but I also love that it gives just the right portion sizes. Plus, it's just easy to use.

I don't think that I will really be one to jump on the cute bento food wagon. I think it is adorable but I just don't see myself making the time to do it. However, I do think that these little food picks are super cute and can be used for anything! So far I'm using them for wraps and cherry tomatoes ( I purchased them on ebay). I also bought 6 inch bamboo skewers and have been sending in little kabobs (ham and cheese, etc.).

I mean who wouldn't smile if they opened up their lunch to find this giraffe looking at them?

I'm also trying to send in more little love notes in Grace's lunch. I've found several free printables online and I purchased these on Etsy. My Mom used to send me mouse stories on my napkin. Maybe I can work up to that!

I found these adorable napkins that have been a breeze to use. They are perfectly kid sized and have the cutest embroidery on them.

Does anyone have any fabulous ideas for lunches? I'd love to hear them!


  1. would you make my lunches too!!
    Great ideas

  2. I really need you guys to schedule a trip to visit us soon. I really think it would be great to have you around for a few days!! I promise only the best accommodations!! and no worries about dietary restrictions, I specialize in that

  3. Are you kidding?????
    How am I suppose to have any ideas that you have NOT already come up with!
    You a a fantastic mom!
    My kids are home with me this year, and it has been so fun! But the actually verbalized missing my love notes in their lunches. So I am trying to add love to there lunches at home!
    It is interesting how much little gestures mean to them!
    I love love love the food picks and the Kabob idea!
    The napkins are just too cute for words!!!

  4. Oh wait! I just read Jeni's comments....I agree with both....can you make our lunches...that would be awesome!!!!

    And Yes! I would like to schedule for you to come visit us as well!!!! =)

  5. I also struggle with lunches. You have inspired me. So funny, I looked at those cards on etsy, too. My sister taught me how to make my own "uncrustables" and pack them in the freezer individually wrapped. It is nice to have in a pinch. They are thawed and ready at lunch. I visit at lunch sometimes and feel much better about what I am sending. Being nosey about what other moms are sending has helped me.

  6. I love the cute little napkins. I have been contemplating going into Bento land, but it seems like sooo much work and lets face it, I do not have that kind of time. But I think you have the right balance. Those pics are adorable and totally would brighten up a lunch. Maybe I will follow suit.

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