Monday, June 29, 2009

Our story

Bryce and I have been married thirteen years today. He asked me this morning if it felt like 13 years. I answered honestly because I feel like we have been married forever. And that's a good thing. Here's our story...

Bryce and I met at Young Harris College (this is also where we met some of our very best of friends). Bryce and I didn't really connect until our second year and then I considered us just friends. He, however, had other ideas and kept trying to get a relationship started for much of the year. I resisted because I thought he was rather nerdy (read: smart) and I thought I was really too cool for him (I was delusional, I was really not cool at all). Also, he had a rather irritating (now endearing?) way of making fun of me (he says he was just trying to get my attention). The funny thing is that I remember chatting with a mutual friend, Angela, about Bryce and stating that if we ever did date I thought we would end up getting married!

Then came the blizzard of '93 and being stuck together in a exceptional situation made something click! I decided to bring him with me on an Easter weekend to my sister's house and that seemed to seal the deal! We've been together ever since.

Early in our dating relationship I told Bryce that he was my Green Frog because he turned from a frog to a prince. Thus our love for frogs was born and we now consider the frog our family mascot.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found a partner in life that values the same things that I do and has proven to be a really wonderful partner and father. We've had many, many great times and a few hard times, and I'm sure that in the coming years we will face much more together. There is no one that I would rather face them with.


  1. You are a perfect couple!!


  2. Happy anniversary Bryce and Anna! May your next 13 years be filled with adventures and love and good memories!

  3. Congratulations! This one's for you:

  4. Still remember it all so well! Happy Anniversary! I love you both!


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