Friday, June 5, 2009

Children's Book Club

I love books. I have been fortunate to be in wonderful book clubs both here and in Atlanta. Not only have we read some really great books (and some duds), but I've gotten to spend time with wonderful women.

I have finally gotten around to organizing a children's book club for Grace and a few of her friends. I have wanted to do this for a long time- I even tried last summer and then dropped the ball- but for some reason or another I have not followed through. This time is going to be different! Grace and I made invitations to our first meeting to discuss the children's classic, Charlotte's Web. I'm excited and so is Grace.

P.S. Grace's class at school watched the movie Charlotte's Web without first having read the book. I'm really up in arms about this because I don't think that schools should be showing movies that are adapted from classic children's literature, especially without first reading the book! I was so sad that as we read the book Grace already knew what was going to happen to Charlotte. I'm curious what you think of this? Am I being unreasonable?


  1. I emphatically agree! I also believe an adult movie adapted from a worthy book should be seen after one has first read the book. Much is lost in the adaptation, but most importantly the educational value of reading as well as developing one's own mental pictures is lost.

  2. No you are not being unreasonable. That book is MAGIC! Reading it to my first graders (every day after lunch we read a chaper)was such a special thing. Great idea!


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