Sunday, June 21, 2009


I always try to keep my posts on this blog positive but honestly we've been a bit out of sorts around here. We've had what feels like a series of unfortunate events.

First, Bryce took up part of a floor in what was supposed to be an easy job. However, he discovered that part of the floor had rotted away (thus the plywood floor that the previous owners had put down on top of this floor). This discovery added hours onto his job and it still remains unfinished! While he was working on said floor he looked up and discovered that our new portico roof had a leak in it! The house and all that needs to be done is a bit overwhelming!

Secondly, the wind caught our vestibule door today and it swung shut with enough force to break one of the window panes. Being a very old door makes it very hard to replace such things and adds one more thing to the list!

I've also decided that the constant rain and lack of sunshine has affected our moods. Ever heard of winter blues? Is it possible to have summer blues? Just that phrase seems like an oxymoron!

Lastly, and this is a biggie, our family was deemed unfit to bring home a kitten we picked out! I still get angry every single time I think about it! Harris, Grace and I went to a local store to try to find a kitten to adopt. We found a beautiful kitten that seemed just right for us. As we were getting ready to check out with our new pet supplies they came to tell us that they didn't feel comfortable with our family because Harris was so young and "you just never know when a tail is going to be pulled." Seriously???? Of course Grace was devastated but she has gotten over it and I haven't. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that I have somehow managed to take care of two young children but someone doesn't believe that I (we) can take care of a kitten. I'm also really offended that they presume a young child would be irresponsible around a kitten. Isn't that our jobs to teach children?

But enough of my pity party for one. There are some really bright spots on the horizon because the summer is almost here (Grace's last day is tomorrow) and we have some great things planned.

I also want to wish Bryce a happy Father's Day. Our children are so blessed to have him as their dad. He works hard in every area of his life and raising our children is no exception. Happy Father's day wishes also go out to Al and Paul who are terrific fathers and fathers-in-law and to my mom who, even though we didn't have a father growing up, made sure I never felt like I was missing anything.

P.S. We have also lost our phone service! Apparently, the rain might have something to do with it and the phone company is so backed up that they can't come out until next Saturday! I guess when it rains it pours. Literally!


  1. Wow...Pleasantville seems to have taken a turn for the worse!!

    I am in shock over the kitten incident...really makes me angry. Please continue the hunt for just the right kitty...Grace worked too hard.

    Keep positive...sunny days are ahead!

  2. Even Princesses get the blues when unpleasant events are piling up at the doorstep! You always manage to end on a positive note, however, and that is a most marvelous and admirable quality.

    Grace, that perfect kitten is still out there waiting for you!

    Knowing you as parents, this has been turned into a great life teaching opportunity.

  3. hang in there girl frog, the sun is coming!


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