Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cabbage dishes

Yesterday, I went to a community garage sale with some friends.  I only made one purchase but I'm quite pleased with it.  I've always liked cabbage/lettuce dishes and have envisioned a table set with them for Easter.  

We passed a roadside table where I thought I spotted some cabbage plates and when we went back we discovered that there was a story to them.  The gentleman who was selling them (the whole set was $5) told us that his Mother painted them in 1954 and used to serve her famous coleslaw in them.  Her name was Leia (he said that she was the original Leia before Star Wars) and she signed the back of each bowl.  

I like having something that someone worked hard on and used with love. It makes me happy! I'm also now on a search for my very own famous coleslaw recipe.  I need to carry on the tradition.


  1. I love them!....Especially with the history! Enjoy!

  2. That is a really special find--now that I am older, my favorite things are little tables, stools, old dishes (one of my dear neighbors gave me an oval dish of green depression glass that had belonged to her Mother and another gave me a small white Lenox vase before she moved into a nursing home, and I have an old bench from another old woman's garage that we had refinished that we use as a coffee table. She said it sat at the end of her Mother's bed as long as she could remember and knew it was at least 100 yrs. old.) Things with stories are much more meaningful than just buying something new. Enjoy your new treasures! Linda

  3. Love the history! I have a cabbage covered dish that my mom made in the early 70's. The color is off from your set but would match perfectly!!


  4. Cool! I almost bought some very similiar ( without out the cool story) but Gary said if I brought more dishes into the house i had to take some out) :( i couldn't decide which ones I would part with.


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