Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grace's debut and some cupcakes too

We had the privilege of going today to watch the first grade put on a show all about bugs.  They did such a great job and we really enjoyed the show. 

Grace was a firefly and she took her role quite seriously.

A firefly and some ladybug friends

I made some butterfly cupcakes for a snack afterward.  They were easy to make, but I forgot the antennas!


  1. Cute cupcakes and a cute firefly~~


  2. I LOVE the bug show! Grace looks adorable. Toby and Ellie came home and said it was awesome.

  3. Anna, What were you going to use for the antennae (?) for the cupcakes? Jim and I were looking at them and will copy your idea sometimes for Austin--so cute. And Grace looks so "into" her play--she is really growing up! Linda

  4. Linda,
    I was going to use string Licorice for the antennae. You just snip little pieces off and stick them in the icing. Austin would probably love them, they are fun to eat... and make! Hope you are well!



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