Tuesday, July 10, 2018


My dear friend, Kristin, runs a consulting business with her sister where they have spearheaded several events for Martha Stewart Weddings (I know!).  Recently, they were part of a booth at Renegade Craft Fair where they had the most amazing flower wall!  In order to make the flower wall, they put gorgeous hydrangeas on their side and stacked on shelves- it was a dreamy backdrop for pictures!  The theme, naturally, was Endless Summer!

The problem?  No one wanted the hydrangeas back after the fair, nor do most people have enough room (especially those in the city!) to plant that many shrubs in their yard.  However, Kristin and I just couldn't see letting that many shrubs go to a landfill, so I took the truck (and Gretchen and Grace), drove it through lower Manhattan, and over the bridge, to Brooklyn to pick up as many hydrangeas as I could fit.

You guys, I even parallel parked on the street.  We were so proud we had to take a picture.

Somehow, as I ferried the hydrangea out to the truck, Grace and Gretchen managed to squeeze 64 plants in the back of the truck!  It was no easy task and involved getting fairly dirty.

When we got home with the hydrangea, it dawned on me that we now had to plant all of them!  We started out hand digging the holes but soon moved to using the auger on the back of the tractor.  I had originally thought that I would plant the shrubs in the field, but realized that it would be too much heat and sun for the hydrangea, which benefits from some shade.  We ended up lining the walkway that leads to the garden and barn with them.  I think when they fill out and up they will be stunning!


  1. �� What luck! They are going to be so beautiful there!

    1. I was so lucky! Can't wait to see them grow in!


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