Friday, July 13, 2018

In The Garden

Looking back at my posts, I'm so surprised that I haven't done a garden update.  We are now in the time of year where the garden is "easy."  Everything has been planted/seeded and now we just wait for harvesting time!

After such an amazing amount of rain this spring, we now are finding ourselves wishing for a bit more as it's now hot and dry here.

Can you spot Bryce who was just a wee bit tired?

Our first dahlia in the garden!  We are lucky to have even this one as most of our dahlias did not survive the winter storage (another learning moment).

 The blackberries are getting closer!

This garden rose has lived up to her name, always outpacing the others!  Her name?  Hermione of course :).

The color of this new rose is breathtaking!

Such beautiful things are coming out of the garden.  When choosing seed, I do a lot of research to find the tastiest, and the prettiest, things to grow.

Appropriately, I pulled these little carrots up on our 22nd anniversary!

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