Monday, July 9, 2018

A Rooster

A week or two ago, while working in the garden, I heard a trumpeting sound and couldn't figure out what it was.  I looked all around and finally traced it back to to the coop where Chewbacca was  regally crowing his little heart out.  This could not come as more of a surprise as we intended, and were told, that we had all ladies!  Turns out that sexing chicks who are hours/days old is no easy task and it's somewhat common for these mix ups to happen.

It's funny to all of us that it's the one that Harris named a rather boyish name, and of whom we've all joked that he seemed to be in charge of all the other chickens.  Of course, Harris has declared that nothing's to be done and Chewbacca is to be allowed to keep on keeping on.  I'm not sure what this means for our girls except now we will be down to only four layers!


  1. We have a neighbor with a rooster, and it is neat to hear him crowing in the mornings. Something very natural about it. The Farm will be Chewbacca's domain!

    1. Grace slept in her camping hammock the other night and was awoken at 5:15 by Chewbacca!

  2. Is there any reason Harris has declared that nothing's to be done.
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