Monday, July 2, 2018

A Mudroom Cabinet

You may remember that we moved our kitchen in the renovation and that our old kitchen became the mudroom and a small office nook for Bryce.  While Al was here in the spring, he built us a cabinet to house all the odds and ends that four people wear on a daily basis around here.  We have different footwear for the odd farm tasks, hats to wear in the sun and cold, coats and rain jacks and mittens and work gloves.  In my opinion, we ended up with the perfect piece that works really, really hard and looks good while doing so.

After doing a lot of scrolling on pinterest and thinking about our needs, I sketched out for Al what I thought I wanted.  I wanted a large space underneath the bench for boots and shoes, drawers for gloves and scarves, hooks for coats and a cabinet to hide all the "extras."  It was a tall order but, of course, Al made it happen!  Once Bryce and Al installed the piece, Bryce finished it.

Al does such beautiful work and we so appreciate his willingness to build whatever we ask of him!  We feel so very fortunate!

Can you spot the kitty trying to sneak up the back staircase?


  1. Al is really talented ;) I just love everything he's built!


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