Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween was a bit different for us this year in several ways.  First, I had one that didn't trick or treat at all.  I suppose Grace is really a bit old for it anyway, but she didn't have a choice as she had play practice for the school play until 10pm anyway.  Secondly, this was the first year that neither child had a costume made by their Grandma. 

Months ago, Harris decided that he wanted to be the Joker from Batman.  No amount of cajoling/pleading/guilt tripping/begging could convince him otherwise (I can't stand the Joker- he's totally skeevy).  Trying to piece together, or put the time into making, the costume seemed a bit silly since it was so easy to buy online and so that's what we did.  In the end, Bryce ended up doing Harris' makeup and I have to admit that I thought he looked good (as good as the Joker can look!).  It is, after all, a time for kids to dress up as they want! 


Grace did have the opportunity at school to dress up and so she went as a pig in a blanket.

Also, I did manage to make a Halloween treat from this months Martha Stewart Living.

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