Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Barn Loft and The King's Sofa

I didn't go up into the barn loft until after we had purchased Frog's Hollow, but as soon as I did I had visions of a teen hangout space (that is until a friend told me that lots of drinking happened in barns when she was a teenager!). 

Our barn is very rustic, with lots of holes in the siding, humps in the floor and absolutely no conditioned space.  However, since we don't have a finished basement the loft is the best place we have to put a few recreational items.

The number one problem to be solved was access.  There was a hay loft ladder that Harris and Grace used with no problem but it wasn't ideal and it certainly didn't lend itself to carrying anything in ones hands to get to the loft.  Last spring, Al built us stairs to the loft.  They are steep and narrow but sure beat nothing at all!  Harris still uses the ladder though :)

We have a sofa up in the loft that we affectionally call the "King's Sofa" and naturally there's a pretty good story to go with it..

Last spring, I went to an estate sale with my friend, Gretchen, who immediately fell for this modern, super duper long, white, pleather sofa and ottoman.  However, she had no use for it, but then she found out it was only $80!  $80!  So naturally, she decided someone needed to have it and therefore it somehow made its way into our barn loft.  And for $80 it couldn't be more perfect for our space!  Getting in the loft was also an adventure...

Bryce has his dart boards up in the loft and Marilyn gave the children a ping pong table. Also, a colleague of Bryce's was moving and gave us an awesome air hockey table.


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