Monday, October 30, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

This past Saturday we had our annual pumpkin carving.  This year, we held it outside by the barn and it worked out perfectly as we had a lovely weather day for it! 

Al and Marilyn are here for a visit and my Mom joined us also. 

Bryce carved a another frog, next year I'm going to start the hunt early for a big green pumpkin!

The children have been carving by themselves for several years (with a little help here or there) but this year they outdid themselves with Harris being particularly proud of his Snoopy and small accompaniment, Woodstock. 

Grace went with a Ghostbusters theme (probably because we had just watched the first episode of Stranger Things 2). 

Marilyn carved a pumpkin and my Mom separated all the seeds from the mush so that we could roast them.  We used some on the salad that we served with pumpkin and gruyere soup.

And cider doughnuts for snacking rounded out the day!

(this wasn't even posed, as I was taking the picture Bryce grabbed one and ate it!)


  1. Anna,

    Your photography is absolutely beautiful! What kind of camera do you use? Was it easy to pick up and use or did you take classes?


    1. Thank you Audrey! We have a Nikon DSLR and it's a great camera (bulky though!). It just takes great pictures! I have worked at getting better at photography and did take an online course but, frankly, with this camera I can just put it on automatic and get great photos. I hope this helps? Thanks again!


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