Monday, November 6, 2017

Harris is 13!

It's official, I have two teenagers in the house.  The good news is that I like them both!  The bad news is that I'm feeling as if I really, really want to slow time down.  Today, Harris is 13 and we couldn't love him more or be more thankful for the laughter and craziness that he brings to our family.  Here's my annual top ten of where Harris is now...

1.  Harris is the toughest kid I know.  He's never liked attention when he's hurt, but I'm still in awe of how he handled himself when he cut his forehead open.

2.  He absolutely loves to do trampoline.  He takes a once a week trampoline class and can't wait to go back (he's been off for 8 weeks due to his forehead!).  He still asks for a trampoline every birthday and Christmas.

3.  Even though he has changed schools, his best friend is still his friend from when he was 2.  Matthew and Harris still love to hang out, go to youth group together and jump on the trampoline whenever they are over at Matthews.

4.  He is on the verge of being obsessed with Harry Potter.  He's read the books multiple times and has now started listening to all the books over and over again.  While I love it, of course, I would love for him to read something else once in a while!

5.  Harris loved watching Anne with An E on Netflix so much that he read the book, Anne of Green Gables.  I love that he had no qualms about carrying around a flowery book as he made his way through it.

6.  He's still super affectionate.  If he and I start watching something at opposite ends of the sofa he's usually laying on me by the end of the movie/show.  He also tries to sneak hugs in on Grace every chance he gets.  The only problem being that he doesn't always know when enough is enough!

7.  He still likes to have multiple blankets on his bed and makes a cocoon for himself every night.  In fact, we wonder if that is part of the reason he fell and hit his head.  Did he get tangled up in the blankets, trip and fall?

8.  He's full of joy.  The other day, I looked out the window to see Harris running from the cottage to the house and he was jumping and skipping the whole way- all by himself.  His teacher also tells us he brings a lot of joy to the classroom!

9.  Harris isn't super complicated; he likes to have fun and be with the people he loves.

10.  He finally got that dog of his and he's pretty sure that Rosie is the best dog one could ever have.

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