Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Shirley Meneice Conference

If even five years ago anyone had told me that I would be attending a horticultural conference, I wouldn't have believed them.  However, that is exactly what I've been doing for the past four days.  I am a member of the Garden Club of America and my club asked if I would like to attend the Shirley Meneice conference and I jumped at the chance.  Any opportunity to learn more and explore a new place is a good opportunity in my opinion.

This years conference was in Omaha, Nebraska and focused on the prairies of the Great Plains.  We had wonderful speakers, fascinating workshops and I met lovely new friends!

We wandered the Henry Doorly Zoo, learned about restoring prairies at The Glacier Creek Preserve and took workshops at Lauritzen Gardens.

Once again, I have been reminded of the importance of preserving our most precious resources. While the prairies may not be as grand and show stopping as mountains and canyons, they are awe inspiring in their beauty in more subtle and nuanced ways.  And they too are in peril.  These fragile ecosystems are under assault from farming and development but there are people out there working to preserve, protect and renew the prairies of our middle states!
Meet Lucy, she's trained to sniff out invasive weeds!  Amazing.


  1. How fun! Both of my parents are from Omaha. I still have lots of family that live there and one of my relatives, Grenville Dodge was the leading engineer for the construction of the trans continental railroad. Beautiful part of our county.

    1. We had dinner one night at the Durham Museum where the trains came in and out. It was beautiful!


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