Friday, September 8, 2017

Coop Turned Shed

Our chicken coop that we moved and turned into a shed is finally finished!  Excuse me while I gush but I just can't believe how wonderful it turned out.  There were times where I couldn't figure out if it was actually going to come together and look good while doing it, but it did and it does.

As a reminder, this is what it looked liked!

Finishing the shed was a family effort including Harris, Grace, Al and Marilyn!  The children and I painted the outside of the shed, Marilyn primed the windows and Bryce and Al rebuilt anything that needed fixing (which was a lot).

The only thing we didn't do ourselves was the roof as we had the same company who put the barn roofs on put the same roof on the shed.

The windows are what first made me want to save the coop because they are really quite remarkable and beautiful.  They tilt out so that the shed gets a lot of ventilation but the design would make it hard for the chickens to be able to escape!  The windows were in really rough shape with many of them cracked or broken completely, and it was with disappointment that we realized they could not be saved.  Oh, how I wanted that beautiful wavy glass in the shed... but it was not to be.  We had new ones made by a local craftsman and they turned out fantastic.

Al and I found the perfect door at Restore, which is a Habitat for Humanity resale site.  For $20 we couldn't get it out fast enough!  I painted it pink and while I was disappointed in the color at first, I now like how subtle it is.

Up next will be the inside, which is my favorite part!

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