Thursday, September 14, 2017


Sorry for the radio silence, we had a traumatic 24 hours within the space of the last post and now, and I just haven't made the time to post the pictures of the inside of the shed.  I will get to that eventually!

First of all... Harris is fine.  Totally and truly, fine.  It could have been worse and we are thankful that it wasn't.  We've told him that he now has a good story and that there's not a thing wrong with having a tough looking scar to go along with his curly hair.  It's a good contrast :).

A few nights ago, when we were all asleep (and at a time when parents breath a sigh of relief because our babies are tucked safely into bed for the night) I was awoken by a crash.  After some initial confusion, I ran into Harris' room to find him on the floor.  I picked him up, got him to the bed and turned on the light.  It became immediately clear that he had a significant injury as there was a lot of blood (head wounds bleed a lot).  He was in a bit of shock and we weren't sure if he was just cut or had another head injury so we called 911 (there's a first time for everything!).  He doesn't have any memory of anything that happened up until he was lying on his bed with his Dad applying pressure to stop the bleeding, so we really aren't sure what happened.  Sleepwalking is the most likely scenario as he has a history of doing so.  He probably stumbled and fell face first into the edge of his desk.

After a long, and bizarre, evening in the ER we were sent home because everyone felt it was better for a plastic surgeon to do the stitching.  They irrigated the wound (horrible) and put steri strips to hold it together.  Fortunately, Harris was able to get a few hours sleep before we headed back to the hospital to get the stitching done.  We couldn't have asked for a more thorough and particular doctor to do the work on Harris.  It took an hour to complete the work and I have to say it was way more traumatic than I anticipated!  The cut was to the bone and while Harris was absolutely amazing, I was not.  I'm sure any Moms reading this will understand.

At least thirty stitches later, in three layers, Harris is stitched up and on the mend.  You guys, he was a rock star in every way.  He was in a lot of pain and he managed to find another place to go to while the work was being done (even the nurse, who kept having to look away, couldn't believe it).

We are thankful and blessed to have had the doctor that worked on him, so many friends and family that checked in on us and a boy that was strong and kept a good attitude the entire time.  Seriously, he is the toughest kid I know (sometimes too much so!).

P.S.  He says he's now joined the Harry Potter club but that's it's too bad it's not in the shape of a lightening bolt.


  1. Oh my! What a scary night. Super thankful he is on the mend (and parents, too!).


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